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The Scottish Government is providing £18,000 of additional funding to provide extra Barra flights in May and June.


The measure will increase capacity on the air service between Glasgow and Barra with 22 additional return flights available in May and early June.


The route is the only plane link for Batra after the comhairle abolished services to Uist and Stornoway.


Meanwhile, up to 40 extra return flights from Glasgow to Barra could be scheduled from late June to October by switching capacity from next winter to this summer, an option which is under discussion with the Barra community.


Minister for Transport and the Islands Humza Yousaf said: “These additional services will ensure that we are maximising the potential of these services during the busiest time of year, supporting local economies and improving connectivity for these remote communities.


“The majority of extra flights will be created by moving a bank of rotations from the winter timetable, while still meeting demand during that time of year.


“This will create more capacity during the summer and reduce the number of empty seats across the year.”




Extra Glasgow flights for Barra

23 March 2018