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Exam results released today indicates that a higher percentage of Western Isles pupils are achieving National 5 in S4 compared to the national figure.


About 86% gained the award compared to the Scottish pass rate of 80%.


Nearly 78% of island candidates passed Highers with an A-C grade compared with 77% nationally.


Overall, there is a slight decrease in the numbers and passes in the fourth to sixth year phase as more pupils are now opting for vocational qualifications.


There was a 83% pass rate this year compared to 87% in 2016.


The council’s education department is studying each school’s data to identify areas of underperformance which may have contributed to the overall decline.


Figures do not include attainment in vocational courses.


National data published in March 2017 indicates that 31% of Western Isles achieved one or more vocational qualifications at SCQF level 5 or above, representing the highest level in Scotland.


Pupils receive exam results

8 August 2017