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Harris Tweed Hebrides has signed a new marketing deal to increase its penetration within Europe.


Its partner in the agreement is Estethia G.B. Conte - a division of the Marzotto Group, a world leader in textiles production and marketing, based at Valdagno in northern Italy.


They will represent Harris Tweed Hebrides in all European markets outside the UK.


At present, Harris Tweed Hebrides which runs the Shawbost mill in Lewis accounts for around 75% per cent of all production of the fabric. Japan and the UK is its two major markets. Sales into Europe, other than the UK, makes up another 20%.


The agreement was announced in Paris, during Premiere Vision, the world’s leading textiles trade show where the company is represented as usual by a sales team from the Shawbost mill, working alongside their new partners.


Ian Angus Mackenzie, chief executive of Harris Tweed Hebrides, said: “We have worked with Marzotto for several years and have developed a high respect for their integrity and knowledge of the textiles industry. I am confident this agreement can work well for both parties and also for our existing clients in Europe.


“There are parts of Europe where Harris Tweed could and should have a market but that is difficult to maintain without an ongoing presence.”


“Marzotto can help us to widen our reach and give our clients a more direct service on the ground. We can also benefit from their experience in design and production.”


Alvise Boniver Conte, general manager of Estethia G.B. Conte, is confident the relationship will benefit both sides.


He said: “Harris Tweed is a great, world-renowned fabric and we look forward to working closely with the company which has led its revival over the past decade.”


The agreement between the two companies does not involve any transfer of equity.


Alvise Boniver Conte and Ian Angus Mackenzie, in Paris today.


Italian connection aims to boost sales for Shawbost mill   

19 Sept 2017