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New proposals are aimed at ensuring all privately rented homes in Scotland meet a minimum standard of energy efficiency.

The Scottish Government is consulting on requiring properties to have a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of ‘E’ for new tenants from 2019.

The standard would rise to EPC level ‘D’ three years later.

Around 28% of private rented sector properties have the lowest energy efficiency ratings of E, F and G – compared to 22% in the owner occupied sector and 10% in the social housing sector.

Proposals to improve energy efficiency in privately rented homes  

12 April 2017

Housing Minister Kevin Stewart said the proposals would help improve the quality and standard of housing for private sector tenants and support measures to tackle fuel poverty.

Mr Stewart said: “Private renting makes up 14% of Scotland’s homes and is an increasingly important housing option for many people in Scotland at different points in their lives. It is only fair that tenants who rent privately have access to good quality and energy efficient homes.

“Minimum standards have a key role to play in driving improvement. While most private landlords are delivering homes to modern, highly energy efficient standards, we must recognise that there are also tenants living in some of the least energy efficient homes in Scotland. These people face higher energy bills and are at greater risk of being pushed into fuel poverty.

“We see this as the next step in the journey towards delivering our ambition to eradicating poor energy efficiency as a cause of fuel poverty.”

Changes are also proposed to improve the safety standards and physical condition expected of properties and bring the private rented sector closer to the standard required in social rented housing.