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A quick look at Hansard may just refresh his memory. To take just one example: between May and Jul 2009, his achievement was to ask no less than 20 questions regarding the travel arrangements from London by ministers and officials to a Cabinet meeting in Glasgow.


What significance did Mr MacNeil expect to find in the parliamentary time taken up with such questioning on details of ministers’ car journeys to a meeting? If he was so keen to find answers he should have read the full report published a month before.


Hansard is full of Mr MacNeil’s irrelevant questions over the course of his 12 years in office. How many light bulbs there are in a particular embassy is another gem. If you have time on your hands you may like to count the number of times he is in Hansard for “shouting incoherently.”


Mr MacNeil is known for boasting about the number of questions he asks (some are relevant of course but usually ineffective) – often the same question is repeated and he is told that he has already been given a written answer.


Over the course of 12 years, Mr MacNeil has delivered nothing to our island economy but empty rhetoric usually through twitter.


Ada Campbell,

Druim Dubh,


Isle of North Uist.


Letter:  “Empty rhetoric delivered nothing”

21 May 2017



A hardworking MP can achieve much, even when in opposition. We all know the positive impact Calum MacDonald made to our economy in his time as an opposition MP, for example the Crofter Forestry Act and the Harris Tweed Regulation Act, to name just two achievements.


Last Friday, our most recent MP, Angus Brendan MacNeil, had some difficulty on Radio nan Gaidheal remembering his achievements over his 12 years as MP. We sympathise as we have trouble recollecting them too.