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There are many decent and honest individuals in the Western Isles who would like to serve their communities by standing for the Comhairle, but do not regard themselves as "political" and are not members of any party.


Having taken the courageous decision to put their names forward, with limited finances towards an expensive campaign, limited technical help and (apart from their own families) limited manpower for delivering leaflets and knocking on doors, they then find themselves competing for the "independent" vote with other candidates who have lots of money, technical help and manpower, which they are enjoying through their membership of a major established party.


In the case of the Comhairle election in 2017, this is the Labour Party which obtained its lowest vote for 92 years in the 2016 Scottish Parliament election.


Understandably its candidates want to keep their membership of the Labour Party secret, which is why they call themselves "independent."


It says very little for the credibility of a former UK government minister who supports a practice which is not only dishonest and cowardly, but profoundly undemocratic.


Archie Harper

27 Shulishader

Isle of Lewis


Letters:  Election candidates keeping Labour Party membership “secret”

16 April 2017