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Well, it looks like I have my answer to question last week regarding our future outlook.

PM May is clearly in so much trouble she has had to roll the dice and hope enough leavers give her a bigger majority.

Anyone in Scotland who thinks this will be to our benefit must be either a die-hard Tory or bonkers.

Boris and Co clearly have an agenda of making the UK a low wage, low cost, low benefit economy so that their benefactors can enrich themselves on the backs of the ordinary worker.

In light of my rant I should make clear that I am not a member of any Party and, if anything, my background should make me a Tory.

I am however infuriated by the lies told since the Brexit campaign and I will be doing nothing to help her gain an improved Westminster position.

Steve Walker
North Bragar


Letter:  Election and Europe

22 April 2017