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The fourteen-year-old was a pupil at the school, the only secondary on the island.

Eilidh was killed at the Ariana Grande concert on 22 May, the only Scot amongst the 22 people who perished in the blast.

Proposals over a permanent tribute within the school are under discussion.

A comhairle spokesman said: “There will be a memorial and work is ongoing to determine how this is most sensitively and appropriately addressed.”

Her friend Laura Macintyre, 15 who suffered severe injuries in the explosion has returned to Barra.

After 14 weeks in hospital she was allowed home on Tuesday.



Eilidh Macleod to be remembered with memorial in Castlebay School  

3 Sept 2017

Eilidh MacLeod’s school will remember her with a memorial

A permanent memorial is to be installed in Castlebay School in memory of Eilidh Macleod who was killed in the Manchester nail bomb attack.