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Many hundreds of mourners have attended the funeral of Eilidh MacLeod in Castlebay.

The service in Our Lady, Star of the Sea was relayed to mourners in nearby Castlebay Hall.

Many people gathered outside to hear the service on loudspeakers.

Parish Priest, Fr John Paul MacKinnon celebrated the Mass.














In his introduction, Fr MacKinnon said: “My dear brothers and sisters, today we come together here on our beautiful island of Barra as a family, as “one big family” to pray as a family for our dear beautiful Eilidh MacLeod.

“Eilidh was taken from us at such a young age and we are hurting and in pain with the loss of Eilidh from our lives.”

In his homily, Fr MacKinnon highlighted: “Eilidh packed a lot into her 14 years.

“Eilidh was a happy girl, she had 14 happy years and in the last few days of her life she was the happiest you could ever imagine.

“The last thing in Eilidh’s life was happiness- she had spent a wonderful weekend away from the island, going shopping, going to nice cafes, going to the cinema and then going to her pop idol’s concert, Ariana. She was the happiest she had ever been and that’s what we hold onto today - the happiness of Eilidh’s life.

“Those memories of Eilidh will live on in all our hearts. Every year of her life was precious to us and we thank God for blessing us with her precious life.”

“Roddy and Marion were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Shona and Laura were blessed with a wonderful sister, our island was blessed to have such a young talented girl growing up on it.

“Even though there is a great sadness here today there is a great thankfulness to God for blessing us with Eilidh’s life. Our loss is heaven’s gain.”

Fr MacKinnon also offered thanks on behalf of Eilidh’s parents and all the MacLeod family: “I thank you all for being here today for their beautiful daughter Eilidh. The family have been overwhelmed by the great generosity and love that they have received ever since they lost their Eilidh.

“The huge number of prayers, and messages and cards and gifts and love and support the family has received has been appreciated and has overwhelmed the family.”

The congregation also prayed for Laura MacIntyre: “We pray for Eilidh’s good friend Laura, who is in hospital in Manchester, we pray to our Lord Jesus to bring strength and healing to Laura in her recovery and to give strength and peace to her parents and family at this time.”

Prayers were also offered for all those affected by the Manchester attack - people who died or injured and those who feel pain and hurt.



Hundreds attend funeral of Barra teenager Eilidh MacLeod

5 June 2017

Eilidh’s mother and father each took a cord as the coffin was carried from their home to the nearby chapel.

Andrew Milligan/ Press Association

Andrew Milligan/ Press Association