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I have never written to a news outlet and I am afraid my daughter may not be too impressed but I simply must respond to Archie Harper's ridiculous letter (19 May).


Firstly, what qualifies him to write and pontificate about matters political? I have never questioned his right to do so, but his own education and job experience must be on at least a par with Ealasaid when he suggests that she doesn't know what she is talking about.


We proudly watched Ealasaid receive two degrees, one an honours degree in Politics and International Relations followed by a Masters in European Policy and Law. I certainly think this makes her suitably qualified to represent the islands as we move into this Brexit period. Her many years within local government in policy and research also highlight that she has a strong basis and understanding of policy and procedure.


Ealasaid is fully aware of the issues which are facing the islands. Since she moved to Lewis with her young family she has been a regular visitor home to Uist. She is constantly bemoaning the decline which we are facing from Lewis to Barra and the impact which depopulation is having. However, she is not hiding behind a computer screen writing letters. She has put herself forward to face the people of her community and is making a very strong case why people should vote for her.


Mrs Flora Nicholson


South Uist


Letter: Ealasaid MacDonald “well qualified” to represent Western Isles  

31 May 2017