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Thieves have stolen the contents of a cash from a community-owned eagle observatory in Harris.

The facility in Glen Meavaig, off the road to Hushinish, is free to use for visitors to view golden eagles soaring around the mountain ridges.

North Harris Trust built the observatory, in one of the best spots in Scotland.

Open to the public all year round, it is extremely popular with visitors and an added bonus to the local tourism industry.

When the ranger turned up for the weekly eagle watch, “he discovered that the donations box in the observatory had been broken into and all the money stolen,” said a spokesperson.

“It is regrettable that this fantastic facility, which is largely maintained by donations, attracted the attention of thieves.

“We have notified the police but if anyone has any information then please contact us on 01859 502222 or the local police.”


Thief breaks into eagle observatory donations box   

12 August 2017