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A golden eagle on Barra has been killed after being attacked by another raptor.


The dead bird was discovered last week and a post-mortem established there are no suspicious circumstances.


Rival eagles will fight over food or territory, kicking out with their deadly talons and using the sharp beaks to rip their enemy.


Police Scotland wildlife crime officer constable Daniel Sutherland said: "It has been established that this bird succumbed to injuries which are consistent with being inflicted by another eagle.


"I would like to thank members of the public who reported this incident for their vigilance and bringing this to our attention.


"Due to the death being reported promptly, the eagle was recovered for testing and it was quickly established how the bird had died.


"The importance, not only for the police, but for our veterinary colleagues in building up a picture of the natural causes of death of birds is very useful.


"I would encourage anyone who finds the remains of a bird of prey and has concerns about it to contact us so the circumstances can be assessed.”

Golden eagle died from fight injuries  

19 March 2018