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Hebrides News


It includes extending the expedition season which currently runs from April to October to January to December. This will allow winter expeditions to take place for the first time through the award.


Through e-Sgoil, online support will be offered to participants living in some of the most remote areas.


Each island secondary school will appoint a co-ordinator with responsibility to support pupils.


Community learning staff at the council will be available to meet with young people who wish to participate through a local group or youth club. A “one stop” website will be developed to ensure sufficient links and supports are equal across the islands.


The changes have been approved both by the award programme’s chiefs in Scotland and its UK office.





Developing the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme in the Western Isles

25 Sept 2017

A new way of delivering the Duke of Edinburgh Award in the Western Isles has been devised.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in the Western Isles is the second highest in Scotland for participant uptake.


Over recent years the award participant figures have consistently increased. Some 140 youth were involved in 2014, rising to 228 last summer.


Despite the impressive uptake figures, completion of awards are lower than anticipated.

The new development plan will run for three years in an attempt to encourage young people to utilise new and innovative approaches to completing the scheme.