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I would like to make reference to a letter from Mr Harper dated 19th May and pick up on a few points of detail.

My first point is about the UK Parliamentary process. The dissolution of Parliament was on 3rd May. From that point Parliament ceased to exist as an institution and Members of Parliament lost their status.


The building and administrative staff continues to work and the officials will be busy in the preparation for a new Parliament welcoming new and returning members following the election results on 8th June. The new and returning members will then take an oath of allegiance in the Commons and at that point they will be permitted to take their seat and become a Member of Parliament. Currently there are no Members of Parliament.

My second point is about Hansard. It is an edited verbatim report of what is said in Parliament and transcribes written questions and answers. It also records ministerial statements and votes.

Letter:  Dissolution of Parliament

1 June 2017

It does not record the deeds of our hard working elected MPs, good or otherwise, relating to constituency or non parliamentary business. Nor will Hansard be recording any activity since the 3rd May due to dissolution.

There are other resources on the Internet, such as Wikipedia, that offers an insight of the achievements and highlights of some of our politicians both past and present.

I include a link to a video clip that gives a light hearted and informative overview regarding dissolution by David Natzler - the current clerk of the House of Commons - in his inimitable entertaining style:

Innis Montgomery
6 Sheshader
Isle of Lewis