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Looking online to make a plane booking to Inverness in April, I discovered to my horror that the first flight is at 8.45, with no other flight until 5pm, with the Benbecula passengers arriving at 9.10 and unable to get to Inverness until the afternoon.


From the 28th of March, passengers travelling from Stornoway, to Benbecula have to depart at the unearthly hour of 7.40am, while anyone from the Southern Isles will be unable to get to Inverness until 6.40pm, missing the morning connection by 25 minutes this is truly shocking, and show the scant regard the airlines have for the people of the Western Isles.


This timetable is ill conceived and totally unworkable, is it quite clear that the travelling public was not considered in any aspect of this, but purely to suit the airline and their needs alone.


This cannot be considered acceptable.


Donald Morrison

7 Macallum Place



Letter: Disconnected airline

23 February 2017