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There is a myth being perpetrated by the Rev. Graeme Craig and Day One that somehow the cultural heritage of Lewis and Harris is being undermined by the intention of An Lanntair to enhance its services to its customers. Can he prove that this is the case?

What is not a myth is that a number of cruise liners took Stornoway off their "port of call" list last year due to the lack of amenities on a Sunday for their passengers.


This would give the lie to the assertion that the so-called "cultural distinction" of Lewis and Harris is
universally appreciated.

Quite baffling to the impartial observer also is the decision to deny young families the right to indulge in healthy pursuits at the Lewis Sport Centre on a Sunday. Cultural heritage?

The history of Day One's opposition to any move to improve the lot of the people in these islands is so sad. Despite their negativity there is now a popular and much used Sunday ferry and Sunday air service.

To follow up now with the prospect of an improvement in the peoples cultural experience at An Lanntair is to be applauded. Many thank the management for their efforts in this direction and wish them well.

Neil Beaton
North Uist


Letter: Cultural heritage myth

26 January 2018