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Crown Estate owns half Scotland’s foreshore and leases the seabed for harbours and salmon farms.

Crown Estate should be based in islands says Labour MSP


12 Sept 2017

The Crown Estate should move out of Edinburgh and relocate to one of the Scottish islands, according to Labour MSP David Stewart.


This summer the management of the organisation’s interests north of the border was devolved to the Scottish Government.


A new framework is being developed for the long term management of its Scottish assets which includes seabed rights, harbour and yacht marina rentals, marine renewable energy leases, property and farms.


Discussions are ongoing with Western Isles Council and other island authorities about potential pilot schemes.


Mr Stewart said it would be a “bold move” if the Scottish Government promised to relocate Crown Estate jobs to one of our islands.



He added: “I know that the Orkney Islands are already keen on the idea of there being a base there and no doubt the Western Isles and Shetland would also welcome the relocation of such jobs and services.


“As the organisation deals with so much foreshore it would seem like a logical move.”


Crown Estate assets are worth around £272 million and generate a gross annual revenue of £14 million.