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It came as a pleasant surprise to read council leader Angus Campbell's letter calling for powers to be devolved to local authorities. The last time I read one of his letters he was calling for the Scottish Government to take back the power to run the Barra-Benbecula flights as his council were incapable of doing so.


That contradiction aside I wholeheartedly agree with his call for powers of the Crown Estate to be devolved. However, I feel it would be a missed opportunity if the powers were not devolved further to the actual areas involved.


If Mr Campbell is as serious as he appears to be about community empowerment surely he will advocate the passing down of powers to the local communities. Of course this means that any benefits from local crown estates would accrue in the area they were generated and not end up in London, Edinburgh or Stornoway.


Michael A MacLeod

3 Cialla

Isle of Barra


Letter:  Crown Estate revenues should go to communities not council  

21 January 2017