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Local charity Crossroads Lewis has received a £25,000 boost for its work in helping carers by giving them a break from their responsibilities.


Community wind farm charity Point and Sandwick Trust pledged to give the body £5000 annually for five years.


The organisation currently employs 24 care staff and provides 226 hours of care each week across the community, helping 37 households.


Malcolm Smith, chair of Crossroads Lewis, said its respite service helped prevent hospital admissions.


“Supporting carers is obviously a good thing to do because some carers come under long-term stress but it’s also a very cost-effective thing to do because an absence of support for carers is one of the triggers for avoidable hospital admission,” he said.


“Absence of support for carers is one of the reasons for people being delayed in hospital after their medical needs have been met and that’s really important because being in a hospital environment unnecessarily is one of the most dangerous things you can do.”


Point and Sandwick board member Liz Chaplain said: “The very valuable support that Crossroads provides for carers enables many people to continue to live where they choose.


“The work of Crossroads makes a real difference to the lives of many people; it adds to the fabric of our society and increases the sustainability of our community.”




Liz Chaplain hands the cheque to Malcolm Smith, joined by Donna Macleod and Rhoda Macdonald from Crossroads Lewis


Windfarm boost to carers’ charity

26 February 2018