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By yourself you are nothing. Oh, you can talk but who can you sway? You need support within the voting system.


I hope that the day of the old are over. I can honestly say I am not as sharp as I was at 43 when I was in the council in the time of BCCI. Then the CNES lost £56 million because the officers were carrying out practices that the councillors never knew about - borrowing money from other councils and putting it into the bank of BCCI to gain 0.75%.


They lost the original capital then had to borrow more to repay plus interest. Rumour has it that they got most of the money back but I always wonder what they did with it?


Do we need more scandals because our councillors are not on their toes. Nods and winks do not count when it is every man for himself.


I think we are seeing a new light. All the old men in the Southern Isles have been left to dream. We have new younger persons so can we see reason prevail? Can the new councillors wrench back control from the executive by gelling together with the SNP? We live in interesting times.


Angus A Macdonald,




Letter: “Councillors need to collaborate”

10 May 2017




The world is changing and the Comhairle must change too. For too long the CNES has been an officer led council and it is time to bring order in.


The executive know one another and work together whereas the new councillors don’t. As they are all individuals they can be easily divided.


Even Inverness is putting a group of independent councillors together to fight in a team so why don’t the the independents here join with the SNP to form a group?