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“It looks like this council is increasing tax just because it can.”


Cllr Roddie Mackay said it would raise vital income: “We are still working with the same cash we had 10 years ago - cut by a third in real terms.”


Cllr Alasdair Macleod criticised the “hypocritical prancing” as the rise was just under 60 pence per week.

Cllr Angus McCormack said the SNP was displaying “misplaced populism” while the Scottish Government was under-funding the council.


The council said a 3% increase in council tax means the charge for a band D house will rise from £1,024 to £1,055.


Overall, the council expects to draw in £540,000 more through council tax though part of that extra sum is due to a Scottish Government increase in property bands.

3% council tax rise passed despite opposition

7 February 2017

The comhairle has voted for a 3% hike in council tax despite a SNP move to freeze the charge.


The authority is also continuing a previously agreed £3 million programme of cuts and savings.


At today’s (Tues) budget setting meeting, the council called on the Scottish Government to do more to help fragile island communities after a seventh year of slashed spending.


The council’s £6 million budget shortfall will be plugged by £3 million of cuts voted through last year plus £3 million of money it has in hand topped with the council tax rise.


The SNP group of councillors failed to receive support for its motion to retain council tax at present levels.


Cllr Donald Manford said: “Since the (original) proposal the settlement from the Scottish Government has increased by £1.3 million - a four fold increase, yet a 3% council tax rise is still being proposed to the long suffering public.