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In addition, the Scottish Government is changing the way council tax is charged on properties in bands E,F,G and H which will mean a further £160,000 for the comhairle.


These vary by band and the Comhairle has no discretion to vary the increases which are as follows: Band E +7.5%; Band F +12.5%; Band G +17.5% and Band H +22.5%.


The majority of houses in the islands are valued between Bands A to D.


Households with an annual income of up to £25,000 (£16,750 for a single household) can apply for a full exemption of the increased charge.


3% council tax rise passed despite opposition



Hike in council tax bills

 March 2017

3% council tax rise passed despite opposition


Island families have to fork out more for council tax in bills being issued by the comhairle next week.


Councillors voted for the increase to raise an extra half a million pounds for the council.


These are the first increases since 2007 following the reform of council tax bands by the Scottish Government and the decision of the Comhairle to add on an additional rise.


The council said the 3% increase will bring in an estimated £380,000 towards this year’s budget and is part of a range of measures to reduce a £6.1 million funding gap down to £2.5 million.