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Two churches in the same village are to be reunited nearly 60 years after a split.

The union of Knock and Point Free Chuch congregations has been given a new name - Garrabost Free Church of Scotland.

Both sides went their separate ways following a rift in Knock Free Church in 1960.

Three years later, Point Free Church was established as a separate charge. The breakaways built a new church at School Road near Point school.

Since then there has been two sets of Christians in the Free worshipping in different buildings in the village of Garrabost.

Recently members and adherents of both congregations expressed a desire to consolidate into a single body.

In January both congregations voted to make formal arrangements for an official union into a single congregation.

Now the Commission of Assembly of the Free Church has agreed to declare the union of Knock and Point Free Church congregations.

A spokesman said: “Having worshipped together since October 2016 they will now move forward together as Garrabost Free Church of Scotland and call their own minister.”

Congregations unite after over half a century apart

6 Oct 2017