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Community wind farm charity, Point and Sandwick Trust, has donated £1000 to the squad of Western Isles athletes competing in the international island games in Sweden.


Costs are running up to £180,000 for the group of 75 islanders to compete in athletics, swimming, golf, shooting, cycling, football and triathlon.


Point and Sandwick Trust chairman, Angus McCormack, said: “Our charitable status precludes us from making payments to individual athletes, so the board decided the best way of supporting athletes attending the island games was to make this donation.


Norrie ‘Tomsh’ MacDonald of the local games association said: “We are grateful for every single donation we get and £1000 is a huge amount of money.


“It reduces the costs for all our athletes. That’s the long

and the short of it.


“A lot of our athletes fall into the school kid category so reducing the costs to them is of paramount importance because it’s not cheap.”






Community windfarm donation to world games’ squad

2 May 2017