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Police are investigating a break-in at the Point community shop in Lewis.

Thieves apparently rammed a gas cylinder through a window in a locked door to gain entry to Bùth an Rubha overnight.


A computer was damaged while bottles of malt whisky and cigarettes have been reported stolen.

Intruders left the place in a mess with food products flung off the shelves and thrown about.

Broken eggs were splattered on the ceiling, walls and floor.

Even important paper work was covered in yolk.

Detectives instructed the shop and cafe remain shut today to avoid contaminating evidence.

Offices within the building at the former Knock School were also closed.  

Tonight staff are cleaning up and the premises will open for business in the morning.

Norman Macleod, a director of the community enterprise, said he was “totally devastated and shaken“ by the amount of damage.

“They vandalised an awful lot. It is just horrid.

“However, we are getting the place clean up and will reopen on Wednesday.“

A Police Scotland spokesman said inquiries into the incident are ongoing.


Community shop break-in

19 Sept 2017