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Four major community projects funded via a Scottish Government regeneration grant fund have been completed in South Uist and Barra.


The comhairle doubled the amount with its own grant funding to help develop the Cothrom Re-Store in South Uist, Vatersay community hub, Castlebay business units and the extension of the Eriskay shop.


Development committee chairman, Donald Crichton, said: “Jobs will be created from the income generated and the circular economy operating as a result will lead to less waste.


“The Comhairle’s regeneration team supported local communities directly to deliver these projects and officers were instrumental in sourcing the funding and providing project-management expertise to ensure that these proposals succeeded.”


In Ormiclate in South Uist, Cothrom Ltd has set up Cothrom Re-Store - a social enterprise and vocational training project.


It seeks to create an economically sustainable social enterprise through the construction of a purpose-built recycling and training centre. Spin-off benefits will contribute to local economic growth directly, through the creation of jobs and indirectly through the employability of its learners.


Manufacturing in Re-Store will contribute to improve environmental sustainability through services to the community which encourage recycling, divert waste from landfill and provide good quality low-cost household goods.


Barbara MacDonald, manager of Cothrom Ltd was enthusiastic about the opportunities that the facility will bring:  “We expect to double learner numbers in the first year in the new building because of the extra space and additional staff we will be hiring.”


In Eriskay, the Co-Chomunn has upgraded the local community shop substantially - with a bright and welcoming area for visitors together with an expanded range of goods for locals and visitors to enjoy.


Shop manager, Catriona Walker, said: “Thanks to the completion of our extension, visitors to Eriskay are finding a much expanded display of gifts, crafts and local products in the Eriskay Shop. Customers can now browse through extensive displays while enjoying a sea view and they are also able to buy a coffee.”


Vatersay Community Association have completely refurbished their community centre to provide welcoming visitor facilities, a café, washing facilities room, an extended community meeting / performance-space and commercial kitchen facilities for larger community events.


In Castlebay, the comhairle built two business units to accommodate demand for business space in Barra.

Castlebay business units

Four community enterprise projects delivered

28 May 2017