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The comhairle has been accused of imposing “unacceptable” changes to inter-island plane links, providing a worse service for Uist and Barra.


The new public service obligation contract, which is operated by Loganair on behalf of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, will begin in April.


Since the council axed a plane link to Barra, passengers have to take the early morning ferry from Barra to Eriskay to connect with the 10.05am plane from Benbecula to Stornoway.


But now Barra passengers will miss the new flight departure time of 8.40am


In another criticism, passengers from Benbecula will no longer be able to connect with the morning flight to Inverness. Instead, they will have to endure a wait at Stornoway Airport until 5pm.


Councillor Donald Manford said: “How is it that this council’s political administration, even in its death throes, continues to vandalise transportation connections throughout the Hebrides and beyond?”


“The ongoing dismantling of “through transport” inflicted by this council must be reversed to the services we had prior to the election of this current council.”


MP Angus MacNeil said: “This timetable is unacceptable.


“We have to remember that four years ago there were good air services for all the Western Isles until the Scottish Government removed ring fencing and councillors at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar opportunistically and shamelessly pockled the extra money that it was given specifically for its smaller island communities.


“This is a massive breach of trust to both those communities and indeed the Scottish Government, these latest unreal developments add insult to injury to small communities and is a snub to the Scottish Government’s intentions.”


The MP demands the Scottish Government “get a grip” of the transport anomaly in the islands and take full control of island flights, as they do ferries.


He wants the government to “cut out the council middle men” and fund the services directly.


Mr MacNeil added: “It is ironic what is called local government is not at all local.


“Decisions are being made by those who never use those services or visit the islands concerned, in a manner that undermines islands and population viability.


“All for short term expediency, without even a fig leaf of consideration referencing the effects of decisions.”


Anger after comhairle “vandalises” transport links

28 February 2017