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Lecturers across Scotland walked out today and another strike day is planned for Thursday.

They said college management refuses to honour an agreement over pay and conditions made over a year ago.

The EIS union said the deal promised equal pay for lecturers in all colleges and national terms and conditions, following years of pay inequity for lecturers doing the same jobs in different colleges.

Staff have already taken two individual days of action in the current dispute over the past two weeks.

Up to thirty people manned a picket line at the Stornoway college on Tuesday.

The numbers indicate the “very strong” feelings amongst local staff highlighted Billy Mackinnon, union representative at the castle college.

He added: “Support for the strike is absolutely solid in the Western Isles.

“People are really very angry that management are not honouring the deal.”

EIS official, Donnie Macdonald, urged the Scottish Government to get involved.

He stressed: “Honouring the deal is key. It is now time for politicians to intervene and ensure (employers’ body) Colleges Scotland stop damaging the further education sector across the country.”

Mr Macdonald said management should cease their “nonsense” claims that staff want more money for less work.

“That is just a lie,” he said.

Colleges Scotland said it made a “fair and reasonable”

In recent days it said it was “hopeful”  that “constructive negotiations” would break the deadlock.

Talks between both sides continue on Wednesday.



Lews Castle College lecturers’ strike action continues

9 May 2017

Further Education lecturers at Lews Castle College continue strike action this week as their industrial action escalates.