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A northerly air flow heralds a return to colder, more settled conditions for the start of 2017 says the Met Office.

Over the last few days high pressure has brought colder and more settled conditions to the UK.  

Deputy chief meteorologist, Brent Walker, said New Year’s Eve in the north will see “rain for a time, followed by showers, turning wintry at times with snow possible over the Scottish mountains.”

The type of weather across the UK then changes as we head through New Year’s Day (Sunday) with northerly winds and an Arctic Maritime airmass moving across the country behind a band of rain.  

The rain, along a cold front, is already over southern and eastern areas of England by New Year’s morning, bringing a spell of wet weather for some, followed by clearer, colder, sometimes showery weather.

RAC spokesman, Rod Dennis, said: “Drivers are facing a mix of hazards - notably much colder conditions.


Cold start to 2017 says Met Office

31 December 2016

"Motorists should remember that if their car thermometer records a temperature of four degrees or lower, there is a good chance the road temperature is near or even below freezing, meaning a very real risk of ice and slippery roads.

“Keep listening to traffic reports before you start your trip and if conditions are bad, aim to stick to major routes which are much more likely to be gritted."

Looking further ahead, the first week of 2017 is expected to be mostly dry and rather cloudy for many with temperatures rising a little as the wind changes to northwesterly.