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Crown Estate Scotland is looking for feedback on a proposed new scheme to allow local authorities, development trusts and other bodies to manage land and property.


Under the scheme, communities and councils across Scotland will be able to apply to manage assets to help them deliver projects that boost local economies or the environment.


The scheme - which will stress the importance of applicants consulting locally especially with existing tenants - aims to give communities more say and influence over what happens in their area.


Crown Estate Scotland manages the seabed, shoreline, rural estates, forestry and more.


Local communities can already manage land and property through initiatives such as mooring associations and leasing or buying – recent examples include projects at Harris Marina.


The proposed asset management pilot scheme - will provide opportunities for communities and local authorities to become even more involved in managing assets.


Amanda Bryan, Crown Estate Scotland chair, said: “The new pilot scheme will offer communities and local authorities the opportunity to manage areas of foreshore, seabed or parts of our rural estates. It’s an exciting development which will empower communities and give them a real say over what happens in their local area.


“We’ve already spoken to a wide range of people and organisations across Scotland and are now seeking feedback on our draft scheme to ensure the ‘nut and bolts’ are right so we can make this a success for everyone involved.”


Environment secretary Roseanna Cunningham said: “I want it to be possible, on a case-by-case basis, for assets across Scotland to be managed and developed by local communities and councils, while recognising that some assets may need to continue being managed at a national level.


“That is why I would encourage any interested party to comment on the proposed pilot process that aims to empower local communities and which will inform the implementation of the proposed powers in the Scottish Crown Estate Bill.”

Consultation over community management of coastline and seabed

5 March 2018