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Citylink lays on extra bus for ferry        17/6/11



Scottish Citylink is urging island travellers to book seats in advance of their ferry journey to and from Ullapool.

The bus operator has been sending a second bus to meet the ferry recently due to extra people travelling. The company gauges demand from the level of pre-bookings and seats being reserved online.

Previous issues of people being left stranded at the mainland ferry port without transport to Inverness was caused by many turning up without tickets, says the firm.

The coach company highlights that in the last incident last week, it sent an additional coach to Ullapool after learning the first bus filled up.

Though no passengers were left behind, a number of people who had booked seats had to wait for the second vehicle to arrive and MP Angus Macneil criticised the delay.

A spokesperson for Citylink pointed out that it transported all passengers to Inverness.

She said: “The elected member has misunderstood the situation.”

She highlighted D&E Coaches, the firm which provided the extra bus, is a “sub-contractor to Citylink on this route, therefore Citylink has been providing more than enough seats for the demand from passengers on this service.

“The current system where passengers book in advance allowing Citylink to establish the number of seats required is working well, and has resulted in extra coaches being provided whenever demand arises.

“Citylink urges those passengers travelling from Stornoway to continue to book their Ullapool – Inverness journeys in advance to ensure continued effectiveness of this system.”

She stressed: “Citylink will lay on extra coaches between Ullapool and Inverness if we are aware of high demand from passengers. We would therefore urge passengers to pre-book their seats in order for us to accurately gauge how many buses to provide.”