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John Cormack said “With the other 90% voting for other parties Christians on these islands need to examine their consciences in the light of what the Bible teaches and consider what they are endorsing when casting their vote.”

He added: “God is not looking for Sunday Christians, or those who take off their cloak of Christianity at the polling station door.

“True faith must impact every area of our lives, including how we vote. Jesus is either Lord of all or He is not Lord at all.”

Mr Cormack said the Christian Party “stands alone” amongst the political parties by declaring that teachings of the Bible are the “only foundation on which we can build our lives, our communities, our society and our country.”

“Join with us and support us in the battle,” he added.

John Cormack, originally from Caithness in the Highlands, is chair of the Scottish Christian Party. The 38-year-old experienced businessman is also a director of Sunrise Christian School in Glasgow.

Island church-goers urged to vote for the Scottish Christian Party

12 May 2017

John Cormack is standing for the Scottish Christian Party in the Western Isles in the forthcoming general election.

This is the third time Mr Cormack has stood in the Western Isles.  

At the Scottish elections in 2016 he received around 10% of the votes of church attendees.