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Hebrides News


A carol service is being held at Stornoway High Church of Scotland at 7.30pm on Christmas Eve. This will consist of nine carols and lessons. There will refreshments to follow. All are welcome.


A carol service is also being held in Stornoway town hall on the same night. The Bayhead Youth Group watchnight service is on from 9.30pm to 10.30pm. A collection will be split between group funds and Stornoway street pastors.

Later, there is also a watchnight service in St Columba's Church, Stornoway on Christmas Eve. The carol service starts at 11.15pm and ends just after midnight. Afterwards there is hot chocolate and mince pies in the church hall.  On Sunday, St Columba's is holding a Christmas Day family service, starting at 11am.

Salvation Army in Stornoway are holding their Watchnight carols service at 11pm while the Christmas Day service is at 11am and is followed by Christmas dinner.  



Christmas Eve carol services in Stornoway

23 December 2016