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Never have I heard or read of people, who don’t believe in God nor have any time for Sabbath observance, being as vocal and belligerent, as some have been over the past few years, in Stornoway. A minority they are, but together they, quite pathetically, make a lot of noises.


Why? Because, like boisterous undisciplined children, they don’t get what they want. I don’t know who most of these people are, but they are all to be greatly pitied. They have no time for Sunday and they have no time for people, whether Christian or non-Christian, who have come to value and treasure that special day. Indeed, it is special, because it is God’s day, a day that points to the empty tomb and the resurrection of Christ.


Deriding the Scriptural views of genuine believers, who calmly voice their Christian opinions and the Christian heritage of the Island they live in, without any fanfare, the loud sulking cry of this anti-God, anti-Sunday minority is ‘open for us or else.’ They want everything open on Sunday to, very sadly, feed their own selfish appetites. Unashamedly they have shouted, ‘open the shops’, ‘open the swimming-pool’, ‘open the sports centre’, with the recent calls being, ‘open the arts centre’ and ‘open the golf course.’


They have six days a week to use, enjoy, appreciate and benefit from all these facilities, but no, that’s not good enough for them. They want to tear apart the Sabbath in Stornoway, and in the process encroach upon the lives of others, yes even those who are not Christians and don’t want to work on Sundays. How selfish, how discourteous and how disrespectful.


While deeply saddened to hear these lamentable anti-Sunday minority cries, those who make them can be assured of one thing: we seek to remember them all with deep heart-felt prayer before God. They can be assured that once the gospel opens their hearts, they will want every door that intrudes upon their Christian lives, on Sunday and on week-day, shut forever.



On behalf of the island community, can I respectfully plead with them, and indeed those who operate these various leisure and pleasure facilities, to kindly respect the Christian cultural heritage and values of the island – and not open their doors on Sunday, for their own good and for the good of their fellow-islanders.


Donald J Morrison

85 Old Edinburgh Road



Letter:  Christian cultural heritage should be respected

1 March 2018