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Two children required hospital treatment after being exposed to a chemical wash left by council workers.

The youngsters - aged under twelve years - were affected after hazardous liquid was used to scour algae off a slippery pier in the Uig district of Lewis.

The children who were playing around the small harbour while visiting on holiday were later treated for skin complaints by nurses at the Stornoway hospital.

Western Isles Council has accepted that the chemical solution was not hosed down properly.

A council spokesperson said: “The comhairle is aware of the incident at Valtos pier involving two children.


“The pier steps had recently been cleaned and it appears that some cleaning agent may not have been fully washed away.


“The comhairle has notified the Health and Safety Executive.


“A full review of pier cleaning procedures is being carried out.


“The comhairle apologises to the family for this regrettable incident.”


Children taken to hospital after exposure to chemical solution   

20 July 2017