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Urras Oighreachd Chàrlabhaigh (Carloway Estate Trust) is hoping to recruit six new directors.


Elections to the board take place every two years while directors are elected to serve a four year term. 


Half of the twelve directors are stepping down though a number will seeking re-election.


If more than six nominations are received a postal ballot will be held.


About 550 residents live on the 11,500 acre estate between Carloway river and Callanish.  


The core business of the trust is to sustainably manage the land and assets of Carloway estate.


A full time development officer is based in the estate office in the Carloway old school building.


Over the last year the trust has been developing a walk from Callanish to Knock Carloway that has been named ‘The Bonnet Laird Walk.’


It is also involved in a LED communities project.


Currently the trust is working with Scottish Water to develop a renewable energy projectecent months the trustofficer,  process will be mailed to all members of Urras Oighreachd Chàrlabhaighncourage them to stand fo.


Developing angling on rivers and lochs alongside Carloway Angling Club is another project.


In partnership with other community groups in the Garynahine to Dalmore area a community development plan is being drawn up.


Kenny MacLennan, chair of Urras Oighreachd Chàrlabhaigh, said: “It is very important that we have a board of directors that reflects the community of the estate and that we have a high level of participation.  


“We would encourage anyone living on the estate to become a member of the trust and to participate in the election process.


“We always need new ideas, fresh approaches and people who have a vision for the future of the community of Carloway estate.”

Deadline for nominations is 5pm on Tuesday 3rd October.

Carloway estate elections

27 Sept 2017