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Islanders have not objected to a plan to make motorists pay to park almost everywhere in Stornoway town centre.


Less free parking spaces will be available with charges to be introduced in different areas following a strategy agreed by the outgoing council.


The necessary machines plus signage is due to be in place n August.


However, the comhairle failed to notice the different 'no return' periods across car parks in the town centre.


Now it wants to avoid confusing drivers by bringing in a standard two hour “no return” restriction which is set to be approved at the transport committee on Wednesday.


The extension of chargeable parking will cost around £12,500 to introduce but is expected to provide £71,000 annually to the council.


Under the plan, spaces by the Caledonian Hotel would cost 50p for one hour, double that for up to eight hours and £1.50 for the maximum stay of 24 hours.


Parking at the Star Inn on South Beach Street is set to be £1 with cars having to leave within 60 minutes.


The fee for the Fisherman’s car park would be 50p for one hour, £1 for two hours and £1.50 for the maximum stay of three hours.


Charges for the existing pay and display spaces in the Perceval Square car park would be the same as the Fisherman’s car park.


In the future, the council may also consider charging for parking in South Beach car park in front of the town hall and at the Lewis sports centre


Extending parking charges was part of the council’s budget cuts.


Other suggestions may be explored to meet the comhairle's target of taking in an extra £30,000.





New car parking charges to bring in £71,000 a year

12 June 2017