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Islanders moving from the Connected Communities network onto the islands’ new fibre broadband are being advised to keep the old service until the transfer to their incoming provider is complete.


Many in North Uist are without broadband apparently due to delays in connecting to the new digital service in the Lochmaddy to Sollas area.


It appears some cancelled their contract but their new commercial provider failed to switch them on.


Some residents were promised a transfer to new superfast broadband back in February.


SNP election candidate Angus MacNeil said customers asked Heb.Net not to switch them off but were ignored.


He said he understood that one HebNet customer was quoted £400 to be reconnected.


Stuart Robertson, director of digital at HIE, said: “There’s been a huge investment in improving access to better broadband in the Outer Hebrides.


Fibre broadband switching going wrong

10 May 2017

“As it is a brand new network engineers may occasionally come across issues in the early stages, and customers who rely on connectivity may want to think about keeping existing services until they are up and running.


“HIE is keen that customers have as smooth a transition to new services as possible.


“Where there are problems with an order they should speak to their internet service provider.


“Any customer who shows on the checker as able to get a service, and who can’t get connected after ordering, can contact us at”