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You can be 100% certain that Brussels is livid with rage that Britain is leaving the EU. Such is their wrath that they are, in very subtle, deceitful and undiplomatic ways, giving it 100% to get the country that, in their mind, ‘voted in the wrong way’ change their mind. They would have us foolishly believe we got it all wrong.


It is not that they desperately crave the UK back, rather the haunting and incredulous thought of not seeing, ever again, mega billions of pounds crossing the English Chanel, to help finance their EU mega super-state dream. Yes, the EU political elite bureaucrats are not only in denial and losing sleep, they are also having nightmares.


A great deal of hypocrisy was revealed in recent days when European Council President, Donald Tusk sent out the EU’s draft negotiating guidelines for the talks on the future trading relationship with the UK. The text proposes zero tariffs on goods but rejects the Prime Minister’s proposals for mutual recognition in financial services. Incredible. The EU has a trade surplus with the UK in goods, but a trade deficit with the UK in services. It is clear EU negotiators do not see any problem in ‘cherry-picking’ when the fruit is on their side of the fence.


Also in the EU draft text is their demand to keep EU access to British fishing waters. This is outrageous, to say the least. Who are they kidding? Bringing back control of our fisheries was a key issue in the EU referendum campaign. Our fishing communities have long suffered under the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy. It would be a monumental betrayal to accept this demand.


The EU have already benefited quite handsomely, thank you very much, at the expense of many Scottish fishermen whose livelihoods were wrecked and ruined by their stranglehold of rules, regulations, legislation and quotas. And because of these imposed quotas many of the once prosperous and flourishing fishing ports around the Scottish coast are now more like ‘ghost’ ports thanks to ‘we know best’ fishy officials in Brussels. Excuse me, Mr Bigfish in Brussels, but the UK want their waters back, all of it – Brexit has made that clear.


While Eurocrats screech and squeal, claiming the UK is disregarding phase one of the EU withdrawal agreement signed in December, it is they who are obnoxiously guilty of just such an act. Oh how true the words of the last USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev, who said, “The EU is nothing but the old Soviet Union dressed in Western clothes.”


Deal, or no deal, the UK must come off the Brussels gravy-train, and leave the EU, at 11pm on 29 March 2019, never to go back.


Mr Donald J Morrison

85 Old Edinburgh Road


Letter:  Eurocrats “cherry-picking” Brexit negotiations

17 March 2018