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Donald J Morrison, in his letter ( Holyrood should not be LGBT friendly) makes several emotive declarations and bigoted statements he is not qualified to assert based on beliefs that he expects others to own whether or not it is part of their belief system. Christianity does not have either the monopoly or the moral high ground over values and belief systems.


Personally my belief is that it is Mr Morrison’s values which are wicked, vengeful and pernicious. They are prejudiced against a section of our society who have as much right to be validated as anyone else.


I do try very hard to resist the temptation to call Christians as a group bigoted, misogynist or even misguided as they deserve to have their beliefs acknowledged as anyone, but when I hear one of their midst spouting hateful, bigoted, rancorous poison and saying “we” I am very close to crumbling on that point.


The Bible has some interesting discussion points in it which we are all at liberty to take as the truth, appraise or challenge. We do not have to agree that people born into an outmoded period of many thousands of years ago have any definite relevance for today.


We evolve in our thinking and hopefully we can expect people of different beliefs, different cultures, different religions, different sexuality, and different abilities all to be treated with kindness, respect and with good conscience.


Janine M Maclean



Isle of Lewis.


Letter:  “No place for bigots”  

5 March 2017