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The GMB is the biggest union at the island yard.


Around 160 personnel were employed at Arnish last week but that number has decreased with a number of mainland sub-contractors quitting.


One worker said: “A lot of the boys have left as they don’t know if they’ll get paid or not.”


The rest of the workforce is aware they are not guaranteed to get paid this week but desire to remain and finish the order of five substructures for the Beatrice wind farm.


Most of the fabrication work at Arnish is complete and the yard had been expected to be winding down soon.


Another Arnish worker said: “it’s a worrying time for a lot of families coming up to Christmas.


“I hope this can be resolved - that somebody will take action and save our jobs.”




Arnish workers holding mass meeting with union over closure threat

17 November 2017

A mass meeting of Bifab workers in Stornoway takes place today with a senior representative of the GMB Scotland union flying in to attend.


Alan Ritchie is due to spend the day on Lewis including discussions with the workforce at the Arnish yard.






Alan Ritchie of GMB Scotland