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What part of “we do not all consider the Bible to have supreme authority over our lives” does Donald Morrison not understand? His grandiosity seems to have no limitations, his empathy for the ideas of any or all opposed to his views void.


We all have our diverse views and yes, we debate them, we may attempt to proselytise our opponent, but it is becoming tedious to explain that there are more sophisticated means of doing so than saying “you are evil and wrong!”


The Bible (if that is what you believe in) talks of compassion and understanding. Even for Christians I believe tub-thumping has gone out of fashion.


The arguments of Donald Morrison (and Donald Trump for that matter) are becoming more and more derisory as he attempts to shove the words, written so very long ago by misogynist men, with such antiquated anachronistic ideas, up our atheistic backsides.


The more he spouts his venom towards those of us, who don’t share his beliefs, the more I lean towards my alternative views for living a decent life.


Janine M Maclean



Isle of Lewis.


Letter: Tub-thumping is out of fashion

23 July 2017