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I do not understand what slant Mr Morrison has to a humanist funeral?


He talks about God as though he knows Him, this I doubt. He makes reference to the Bible so I should remind him that the Bible is for all humanity.


He goes on: “No scripture was read.” So consider the terrible events that befell on Japan at the hands of America when millions of people were wiped out in mere seconds. Or when thousands were burnt to death using Naplam, burning liquid petroleum jelly. Or the young crew members from our islands that were torpedoed on the high seas. Or the the young men that died in stinking mud in trench warfare. Who read to them? Did they die as Humanists or as Christians?


But the ones who decreed their deaths were Christians. They were the ones that went to churches to hear scripture. Did it mean anything?


Christ preached tolerance - turn your cheek and not warfare and violence like we know today.


Angus A Macdonald,




Letter:  Bible is for all humanity

9 May 2017