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Letter: Thinking about best government

23 May 2017




Again we have choice which is the best government to rule over us for the time being - Liberals thinking, Labour thinking ,Tory thinking, National Party thinking, Green Party thinking?


The qestion is what is best all the parties will follow their own agenda? Despite what is said at the courting stage, they are at their best behaviour.


Should we look to pledge our vote for those that have the ability to work together on a common basis for the common good? Or should we vote for those that shows aggression to one another?

Like the message that came through my letter box today:”You have my guarantee that the Scottish Conservatives will oppose the SNP every step of the way.” What does that mean? Does it mean despite what the SNP do for Scotland it is wrong in Tory eyes? Ada Campbell is also singing the same swan song on behalf of Labour.


Why do voters think that UK is such a power in the world,when previous government sacrificed our manufacturing industries that kept millions in employment,in favour of bankers and cheats?


Times are changing and should we take the Biblical wisdom:”turn your spears to pruning hooks and practice war no more.” Yes,there are many blind people when it come to change,and may crafty people that know that it is very easy to sway a persons loyalty on a mere promise that you have no intention of keeping.


Angus A Macdonald