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Who are the idiots who drew up the Benbecula\Stornoway\Inverness flight timetable from

March 28th 2017?


It is nonsensical to the point that it doesn’t make any sense, with neither incoming or outgoing morning flights connecting with the Benbecula planes, one flight misconnecting by a mere 25 minutes.


It looks to one and all as a deliberate attempt for some reason to avoid these flights connecting, it doesn’t really pan out as anything else.


As it is so close to April it looks like some form of April fool, but the only fools are the participants in this

shambolic timetable.


The previous timetable worked fine  - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


Donald Morrison

7 Macallum Place



Letter:  Shambolic timetable for Benbecula flights

2 March 2017