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Take-off approved for five-day Benbecula flights  

7 February 2017

A five day plane service between Benbecula and Stornoway is being reintroduced.


Councillors voted on Tuesday to reinstate a daily weekday link between Balivanich and Stornoway.


However, there will be only one return service on Monday and Fridays.


Wednesday, Thursday and Thursday will continue to have flights in the morning and afternoon.


Loganair will commence the expanded service from the beginning of April.


The comhairle cut the inter-island air link to three days a week in 2013 in a cash-saving exercise.


Six months ago, a Friday flight was provided.


The council previously put £72,000 aside to improve the Benbecula to Stornoway air service.

The council agreed to make provision for above inflation price rises in the tender of £11,000 for next year, £14,000 in 2019, and £19,000 in 2020/21, the final year of the contract.