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In 2013, the council also abolished the Barra-Benbecula flights forcing islanders to catch the ferry and bus for travel elsewhere within the Western Isles.

The impact of that cut was repeatedly experienced again this winter with people stranded when gales and rough seas made it impossible for the ferry to sail.


Five-day Benbecula plane service set to be reinstated

6 February 2017

A five day plane service between Benbecula and Stornoway is set to be reinstated.


Western Isles Council angered islanders by slashing the inter-island air link to three days a week in 2013 to save money.


Ironically, many councillors representing the affected community in Benbecula and Uist voted for the cut.


A Friday flight was recently provided but only for one return service instead of two.


The current contract with Loganair expires this month and Western Isles Council sought prices for a number of options during the latest tendering exercise.


A council report recommendation would allow the reinstatement of a five day service with the addition of return flights on a Friday and a Monday.


Councillors are due to consider the options in private on Tuesday.