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From 30 January, new security procedures will be introduced which will mean that passengers travelling to Glasgow will undergo a streamlined check-in process ahead of their flight.


People transferring to onward destinations will be required to reclaim their luggage, check-in and join the existing security procedures at Glasgow Airport.


Similar measures will come in at Campbeltown and Tiree airports.


About a dozen people are employed part-time basis at the three airports but it is unclear how many jobs are under threat as a result of the changes.


Airport workers’ union, Prospect, has urged airport operator, Hial,  to delay the decision to allow for a "full consultation with users and staff".


Prospect negotiator David Avery said the change is “unreasonable and disproportionate and puts staff and passengers at risk.”


The current regime of security checks was introduced more than ten years ago and has been “largely successful,” he added.


“But despite the long-standing rules, security staff regularly find passengers carrying prohibited liquids, small knives and in extreme cases, firearms ammunition,” said Mr Avery.


“The new measures, agreed with the CAA and DfT, are proportionate, and take full account of safety and security.

A HIAL spokesperson said the move follows an in-depth review of the security procedures by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Department for Transport (DfT).


He added: “As is the case currently, items on the prohibited articles list displayed at check-in points at the airports involved may not be carried on any aircraft, and the teams at each airport will assist passengers with any questions on the new procedures.”





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