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The Barra community may petition the Lyon Court to ensure the island’s flag gains official recognition for the first time.


The recognisable green and white Nordic Cross-style flag doesn’t yet have legal recognition, despite its widespread use in the local community.


The Court of the Lord Lyon, the legal authority on heraldry in Scotland, has the power to authorise community flags and ensure that only one community can use any one design.

Flying the flag for Barra

4 January 2017

Barra’s flag can be seen flying from fishing boats, on local produce and on car stickers.

SNP MSP Alasdair Alla, who backs the move, said: “I believe Barra’s flag can help boost the area’s identity and economy.”


He added: Ultimately, it’s up to the people of Barra themselves what they want to do next.


“The feeling at the initial meeting that I hosted was that recognition of the flag would help boost the island’s marketing efforts as well as celebrate its unique identity.


“I look forward to seeing how people in Barra want to take this forward, and hope it will lead to a formal petition being made to the Lord Lyon.”