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Workers are being made redundant at the Arnish fabrication yard in Lewis.


The site is expected to be mothballed under a care and maintenance basis within weeks.


Around 25 personnel were due to be paid off today.


A handful of redundancies notices have been postponed it is understood but the workforce has dwindled down to around 50 people - less than a third of the numbers employed two months ago.


Employees confirmed personnel were being paid off saying mainly a squad of painters will remain on the shop floor as its only contract - for an offshore wind farm - winds down.


Another suggested “painters will have another few weeks” but only a small crew will be left by the end of the month.


Empty order books at the cash strapped engineering firm means an uncertain future for the firm’s yards in Stornoway and Fife.


Three times within one week in November BiFab was plucked from the verge of collapse.













A financial package to avoid it falling into administration and complete the present contract for the Beatrice offshore windfarm project by April was provided by partners involved.


The Scottish Government led talks during a stalemate and brokered a deal.


Intensive negotiations took place with BiFab, Seaway Heavy Lifting, SSE, Siemens, and the partners in the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm project.


The Scottish Government will also make a commercial loan facility up to £15 million available to BiFab, if required.


Around 160 personnel were recently employed at BiFab’s Arnish site in the Western Isles but that number has fallen by two thirds as work tapers off.


Three structures manufactured at Arnish are presently on site but one is due to be shipped out next week.


Another is completed and ready to go.


Fabrication activity has ended at the yard with many trades departed from the site.


Painters are occupied on the final T plate unit which they expect to finish in about four weeks.




Arnish payoffs as last contract winds down

12 January 2018

All windfarm structures have been manufactured